Since May 1st is tomorrow, I’m super excited to kick off my first 30-Day Shape-Up For Summer Challenge!

If you are like me, I tend to ramp of my workouts and re-evaluate my eating habits when the weather gets warmer. I don’t want to have the perfect bikini body (because that isn’t realistic). I  want to look and feel my best when wearing tanks, shorts and sundresses all Summer, so I thought it would be fun to host a little challenge to help keep us all in check.

I don’t expect to see miraculous changes in body composition after completing this challenge. My goal is to help make you more aware of what you are eating (and drinking), and encourage you to be more active in different ways. Most importantly, I hope it inspires you to take care of yourself in order to be your best self for you and your family!

The challenge is pretty simple…

30-Day Shape-Up For Summer Challenge

1. Everyday, from May 1-30th, set your timer for 10 minutes and complete as many squats and burpees as you can in that time frame (breaking up the reps however you like, i.e. 10 squats, 10 burpees, etc. while taking as little breaks as possible.

2. Eat at least 6 servings of fruits and/or veggies daily (1 piece of raw fruit or a 1/2 cup of berries = 1 serving of fruit and 1/2 cup of veggies = 1 serving of vegetables).

3. Drink at least 12 (8 oz) glasses of water daily.

For my personal training clients, we are taking pre and post measurements of weight, waist circumference, hip circumference and body fat to measure any differences in body composition. For those of you who join the challenge from my blog, I encourage you to at least take your weight to see if it changes after the 30 days.

Also, for those who participate in the challenge, I will be available via email to answer any questions and help with meal plan ideas.

Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing to win some fun prizes!

So, are you ready to enter the challenge? If so, leave a comment below with your email so I can send you more details and the tracking sheet to record reps, water and fruit/veggie servings, or you can email me directly at