Candy isn’t everything on Halloween (Keenan would beg to differ!), and with so many allergies or food sensitivities these days, I’m thinking of handing out non-candy treats, or at least have a bowl of non-candy ones and a bowl of candy. We don’t eat or buy candy in our house, so Halloween is the one time of year that we allow our kids to have a few pieces, but it still gets to me! At the end of the day, Halloween only comes once a year, but I like to keep it somewhat healthy.  This year, I’m planning to offer a few of these 5 healthy and fun non-candy treats…

1. Applesauce Mummy Pouches. It takes a little bit of time to prep these, but I’m planning to have Keenan help me.

GoGo Squeez Mummies-3.jpg

2. Bubbles! Everyone loves bubbles, and I love the ghost idea. Even if I don’t have the time to make the “ghost,” I plan to pick up some inexpensive mini bubbles at the dollar store to add to our bowl.

Non Candy Halloween ideas

3. Frankenstein Apples. Apples are not exactly exciting to every child, but I love this idea! This would be fun for Keenan’s class.

These healthy Frankenstein treats are a great alternative to the usual Halloween candy. Perfect treats for kids with food allergies. | at Non Toy GIfts

4. Popcorn hands. My kids LOVE popcorn so I’m definitely going to try doing these. If I don’t have time, I’m at least going to plan on handing out the snack size bags of popcorn.


5. Boo-nana Pops. I absolutely love this idea! Though these aren’t a good option for handing out on Halloween, they are a great idea for a party!

"Boo"nana pops are a great snack alternative to candy at your Halloween bash.:


What are some other non-candy Halloween treats?