Juice Plus

I started taking Juice Plus when I was less than 12 weeks pregnant with Mirella after my friend reached out to me.  I have always eaten healthy and worked out regularly, in fact I did CrossFit up until the day I gave birth to her, so I was skeptical at first, being that I really didn’t need to add any nutritional “supplements” into my diet. But, I learned that Juice Plus is NOT a supplement, it’s a whole-foods-based nutrition product that contains 30 fruits and veggies in capsule form (or in shakes) that are readily absorbed in your body to help bridge the gap of what fruits and veggies you are actually eating and what you should be eating.

After doing my own research, reviewing a few legitimate studies on it and asking my midwife and primary care physician (who both thought it was a great product), I decided to take it. I stopped taking my prenatal vitamin and only took it with fish oil. Within 3 weeks, I noticed immediate results in my immunity, as I didn’t catch the colds or illnesses that Keenan was bringing home from preschool (in fact, I never once got sick while I was pregnant!), and I noticed a tremendous improvement in my energy levels (especially after moving and being in my first trimester), not to mention being more regular (sorry, TMI!). To put it lightly, I was beyond SOLD and immediately ordered some for my entire family (Keenan takes the gummies – which are free with any adult order, as part of their Children’s Health Study!) and encouraged my parents to try it, too. When we feel like we are coming down with a cold, we double up on the product and the colds usually go away within 3 days.

Since we started taking Juice Plus, we have added in the complete shakes (making them into smoothies) for afternoon snacks and I also love to add in the complete shake mix to my pancakes. Even though we eat very healthy, any way that I can add in additional fruits and veggies to our diet to keep us all healthy, I’m all about it!

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If you are interested in learning more about Juice Plus or trying it out for yourself, you can do so here or contact me to get you set up.  For every adult order, your children receive the chewables (up to 18 years of age) for free! To receive a discount (which helps pay for your own Juice Plus), you can sign up to be a representative, which allows you to share the products to your friends and family members, and receive a percentage of income from every order that they place.

When you become a representative for Juice Plus, you are placed on a team and there is absolutely no obligation to sell their products. You can be a rep and just receive the discount from your own order!

My team has been awesome and so helpful in getting me started. If you become a part of my team, I will be there to help you get started and answer any questions that you may have.

I LOVE Juice Plus and that it helps my family stay well. It is the perfect complement to our lifestyle and I would love to see more families add it into their diets, too!