My husband captured this picture yesterday afternoon of Keenan watching Avo and Grandpapa talk; this really sums up my thoughts for today.

It is the start of another week and I am now a year older. I still can’t believe that another year has flown by and I’m 31! Crazy how that happens! 🙂

Anyhow, I had a wonderful birthday weekend, starting off with a nice date night with my husband on Friday. We had two great groupon deals: one for a couples massage and one for dinner. It was the perfect evening and probably one of the best massages I have received in a long time! Dinner was really good too; we ate at Monsoon, a fairly new Indian restaurant in downtown Sacramento. My husband and I were so relaxed that by the time we had dinner, we got a little treat at our favorite chocolate shop in midtown, Ginger Elizabeth, and headed home and went to bed! We usually are ones to stay up and watch a movie or something, but we were both so relaxed and tired, that sleep sounded too good!

On Saturday, we slept in (since Keenan was at my parents’ house) and made a nice breakfast. I made paleo pancakes while my husband made “regular” pancakes. He wanted to have the real deal, but I have to say my pancakes were delicious! In the afternoon, we headed to my parents and enjoyed a nice steak dinner that my mom made.

On Sunday (my birthday), after a nice breakfast and church, my mom and I went to the spa at Wine and Roses in Lodi for a nice relaxing afternoon. We enjoyed a nice lunch, some time to read by the fire (I actually read 100 pages in my book, “Paleoista,” which is so interesting!), followed by some pampering. My mom got a massage and I had a facial. In the evening, we met my husband, Keenan and my dad for dinner. Keenan was excited to help me blow out my candle; it was cute! It was truly the perfect day to spend my birthday. Sorry, I completely forgot to bring my camera, so I don’t have any pictures of the evening.

While my mom and I were at the spa, my husband, dad and Keenan had some “guy time” at the shop, riding in the pick-up through the fields and looking at tractors.

Riding in Uncle Chris’s pick-up with Avo!

Unfortunately, today has not been as joyful as the weekend. Last week, a very good family friend passed away, so his funeral was this morning. Since our families grew up together, we stayed to make sure we could be there, today. It was very sad, especially since he passed away so suddenly. It is always so hard to see people pass away who had so much life still left in them. It baffles me as to why it was their time to go, just like my brother, Chris. I can’t help but question it. Attending a funeral not only brings back the memories of when my brother passed away, but it always puts things back into perspective, thinking about life and what is really important. For me, my family is the most important thing in my life. It is so vital to cherish every moment with them, as well as tell them that I love them. You can’t always think about the what-ifs, but you can show your love and appreciation every time you see them because you never know what can happen…

Question: When was the last time you told your spouse, child or family member that you loved them?