First off, I’m SO excited to be a Sweat Guru Contributor! My first post went live today and you can check it out here!!

Now that I’m almost 36 weeks along, my wods are definitely different than they were when I first found out I was pregnant. My energy and endurance is not as high as it was in my second trimester. I get tired more easily, need to take breaks more often and because of my sciatica, I have to modify and/or eliminate certain exercises such as deadlifts, kettlebell swings, overhead squats, box jumps, double unders and lunges (depending on how my lower back and hips feel).

You are probably thinking then why is she even bothering to continue doing CrossFit for the remainder of her pregnancy? Things don’t sound so glorious above, but to be honest, my body still feels great after I workout. I feel strong and I believe my workouts are only going to help me with the birth and recovery (aka getting back into my pre-pregnancy shape!). As any woman who has given birth can probably say, the third trimester isn’t as energetic and rosy as the second trimester (aka the honeymoon period). You start to slow down and get prepared for the birth in the final trimester, so I’m just taking it in stride, listening to my body and slowing down where I need to. My goal right now is not to be the fittest pregnant woman, but to stay fit, have a healthy baby and a safe (and hopefully speedy!) delivery. Only time will tell (in less than a few weeks!).

With that being said, here is a CrossFit workout that I put together for all of the pregnant mommys out there, but really, anyone can do this!

CrossFit At-home Workout 17


For all of you veteran mommies out there, did you start to slow down and feel less energetic during the third trimester of your pregnancy/pregnancies?  

Have you tried CrossFit? If so, how did you like it?