With Summer fast approaching, I thought it was perfect timing for another CrossFit Home Wod. The best part about this workout (and the rest of my home wods) is you can do it anywhere, at anytime, without any equipment. Make sure to always warm-up first with some jumping jacks, a short run or jumping rope, followed by some stretches. Once you complete the workout, don’t forget to stretch again and re-hydrate with water! Enjoy!

Speaking of Summer, I am kicking off my 30-Day Shape Up For Summer Challenge this Friday, May 1st, so stay tuned on how to sign-up and win awesome prizes!!

CrossFit Home Wod #24 Get Ready For Summer!


If you did the workout, how did it go?

Do you tend to ramp-up your workout regime prior to Summer or do you feel “Summer-ready” all year long?