Sorry I was MIA last week, but I have to admit it was so nice to be unplugged from everything and not worry about blogging, “working” or catching up on household chores. I was actually able to read my book and magazines (instead of reading a couple of pages before falling asleep at night!) while the kiddos napped in the afternoons.

Did I workout while on vacation? Sort of. I walked the stretch of the beach everyday with my mom and I managed to do a beach wod of running 1 mile, 100 jump squats, 50 push ups, 100 lunges and running another mile. It felt so good, but other than that, I relished in being lazy. Though it was nice to relax and not wake up super early to workout, I missed my workouts. Boy, did I feel it yesterday morning during my wod! I was dying, not to mention it was already 78 degrees at 6:00 a.m.!

Speaking of which, I’m overdue to share another CrossFit Home Wod, so here you go…

CrossFit Home Wod 25


Make sure to go as hard and fast as you can while performing each of the exercises, like you are sprinting through each interval. Your reward is a 30 second rest before starting the next movement.

Let me know if you try the workout!


Do you workout on vacation? If so, what kinds of workouts do you do?

If you tried the wod, how did it go?