2012 Open

CrossFit. What can I say, I am addicted to it! Compared to all of the training I’ve done over the years, it is the best way to work out, and it keeps you coming back for more. I can’t seem to get enough! I started CrossFit (CF) at Crossfit Gold almost two years ago, and last year I became a CrossFit Level One Trainer and started coaching two classes a week, as well as training clients in the modalities.

My husband started CF a year ago (after not working out–at ALL–for over a year, he’s lost 38 pounds, lowered his cholesterol, blood pressure and feels great!). Though he’s not a “Workout Fiend” like I am, we are both passionate about it, which makes for great dinner conversation!

Since doing CF, I have noticed tremendous gains in my strength and endurance, as well as changes in my body. I am leaner, more toned (my arms finally have definition!) and I have less body fat. I feel great and I love shopping for clothes that are a size smaller than what I wore before I became pregnant!

The CrossFit definition is constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement that can be scalable to all fitness levels. In addition, it also includes moving large loads over long distances quickly. The main areas of focus are in Olympic lifting, gymnastics (body weight exercises), metabolic conditioning (cardio) and sport. It is not just a sport, it is the “sport of fitness,” which can be measured, observed and replicated. I think this is why I love it so much, because it is a sport and it challenges you to constantly perform at your best, treating each workout like a little competition, not just with others, but with yourself. Can you increase your speed, improve your time, lift more weight than what you did 6 or 8 weeks ago? Can you be on the top of the leader board?

Like in any sport or work-setting there are always new acronyms to learn, so here are some basic ones for CrossFit:

WOD = Workout of the day

AMRAP = As many rounds/reps as possible

EMOM = Every minute on the minute

Rx = Prescribed weight

Box = Gym

Some people can be intimidated by the competitiveness of CrossFit, but it doesn’t have to be that way. My husband could care less about the competitive aspect, so he just concentrates on staying fit. For me it is two-fold: staying fit and being competitive. In our box, there are all different levels, from beginners to competitive athletes, but what makes the sport unique, is that it is scalable to all fitness levels. If the Rx women’s weight for a deadlift is 205 lbs, and you are no where near capable of lifting that much weight, you can scale it to a lower amount that is best for you. If you can’t go as fast as others, go as hard as you can, pushing yourself to do the best that you can, but still getting a tremendous workout. Whatever your health and fitness goals are, CrossFit can be tailored to fit your needs, which is another reason why I love it. Anyone can do it!

Another nice thing about CrossFit, is you can do it anywhere and with anything. My husband and I have created WODs while on vacation at the beach: throwing logs, jumping up onto logs, swimming, sprinting, etc. Last week, at the competition, we were tossing huge tractor tires, lifting logs and throwing spears, so you really can use anything that you have to create a great workout.

If you are curious about trying CrossFit, you can find some home or travel WODs that I’ve put together here. You can do them anywhere, even in the comfort of your living room. You just need a little space, some water and comfy workout clothes!