When we formally announced my pregnancy with baby #2 I started to get questions if I was still going to do CrossFit while I was pregnant. A few people asked if it was safe to do, since CrossFit involves “such heavy lifting” and “intense workouts”, in their words. Just hearing these questions made me chuckle because I knew that these individuals were unfamiliar with CrossFit, and really didn’t follow any consistent exercise regimen themselves. But, on the flip side, the questions made me second-guess myself and what I was planning to do. Was it really safe? I have been doing CrossFit for almost two years, but should I continue it while I was pregnant?

Keenan took this picture of me while doing a squat stretch prior to doing my WOD this morning! He at least got part of me, ha!

Keenan took this picture of me on my iphone (pretty, right?) while doing a squat stretch prior to doing my WOD in our lovely (needs a lot of work) backyard this morning! He at least got part of me, ha!

After thinking about it some more and reflecting on my studies during my Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level One Certifications, I quickly snapped out of my doubting self and vowed to continue doing CrossFit throughout the entire 9 months, unless it is medically unsafe to continue. I worked out 4-5 days a week throughout my entire pregnancy with Keenan, even up to the day he was born. Those workouts included cardio, spin classes, strength training with free weights, and various group exercise classes. I always felt great and I only gained 27 pounds. My labor was much faster than I expected (a total of 6 hours from the time my water broke to when he was born) and my body felt strong and ready to handle the ultimate workout of my life–giving birth.

My old ways of working out were definitely different than CrossFit. I think the heaviest weight I squatted was 30 lbs and now I can squat 6 times that and I can clean my body weight (pre-pregnancy)! I’m certainly not going to rush out and try to reach my one rep max in these movements or push myself so hard during a workout that I feel like collapsing, as that would NOT be safe while pregnant. Right now, it is all about maintaining my fitness level and no longer focusing on intensity or time. I take breaks when I need to, watch my heart rate, make sure I get my breathing under control, and drink plenty of water before, during and after my workouts. I’m focusing on lifting 70% of my maximum weight, not shooting for any PR’s or one rep maximums until after the baby is born. My goal is to stay fit and healthy throughout these next several months and not worry about being the best or top athlete.

Fortunately there are lots of wonderful resources for doing CrossFit during pregnancy, and one that I especially love is CrossFit Mom. Andrea runs a wonderful site that features a WOD each day that has three levels of modifications: beginner, intermediate and advanced, as well as an outline of all the exercises that should be modified or avoided during the different trimesters. Once our garage gym is finished, I look forward to doing some of her WODs (since many involve more equipment than just my kettlebell, abmat and jump rope).


Since exercise is so much a part of my life as taking a shower or brushing my teeth, I could not NOT workout. It provides me with energy and makes me feel good about myself and with this pregnancy, I can use all the energy I can get! When I wasn’t working out during the move, I think I was actually more tired due to not being active, more than the move itself! Staying as fit as possible for the birth of baby #2 and doing everything I can to have a healthy baby, safe and speedy delivery is my number one goal throughout this pregnancy. After the birth, I hope all of the workouts during my pregnancy will help me get back into my pre-pregnancy shape much easier than if I didn’t do any activity. Staying active with Keenan certainly helped me to get back into shape after he was born, so I’m hoping it will be the same with this baby!  We shall see!

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If you have been pregnant, did you stay active throughout your pregnancy? If so, what type of activity did you do? 

If you stayed active during your pregnancy, do you feel it helped you with your birth?

Have you ever worked out to exhaustion? If so, how do you push yourself past your comfort zone?