Even though yesterday was super-busy, it was a lot of fun. Because Keenan was too excited to sleep in, we started early, with my husband acting as the “Easter Bunny Ninja” so he could hide eggs while I distracted Keenan by showing him our childhood favorite cartoon for the first time, Gummy Bears. After seeing what the Easter bunny left, we headed to church, then to my parents’ for brunch, followed by a visit with my grandparents and lastly, dinner at our good family friends’ house.

The highlight for me was seeing Keenan be so excited and anxious to see what the Easter Bunny left…

Easter baskets

and Mirella finding her first Easter egg!

Baby's first Easter

Before we got too far into our day (aka before the kids got too tired AND dirty!), we managed to take a couple of pictures that actually turned out pretty well…


And one of all of us…

Family on Easter


It was an awesome day filled with lots of love, laughs, family, good friends and amazing food. I just wish I could have slept in (but what is sleeping in as a mom?!) today to recover from yesterday!

Since yesterday was so marvelous, I’m joining Katie today for her Marvelous In My Monday celebration! Thanks for always hosting, Katie!


What did you do for Easter?