Happy Friday! I’m SO ready for the weekend, especially since I got my workout done this morning, thanks to coaching the early CrossFit classes! Even though I usually go to CrossFit in the afternoon, it is a great feeling to be done with it early and have the rest of the day to do other things, like make a Lemon Meringue pie later (more details to come!).

Speaking of CrossFit, I did WOD 13.2 last night which was a 10 min AMRAP of: 5 shoulder to overhead (75 lbs), 10 deadlights (75 lbs) and 15 box jumps. I completed 7 rounds and 8 reps for a total of 218 reps, not bad, but not great either. I was really hoping to get a full 8 rounds. I was able to keep a steady pace (with no breaks) throughout the entire time, but the box jumps were what slowed me down. I’m thinking of doing it again on Sunday, so we’ll see…

But, instead of dwelling on my performance yesterday, I’m looking forward to a fun-filled “girls afternoon” with my friends tomorrow. The guys are babysitting, while we shop! It should be lots of fun!

Anyhow, since it is the end of the week, it is time for another round of Friday Favorites and the second link-up! If you are new here, every Friday I reflect back on the week and cherish some of my favorite moments and eats. I hope you will join me and do the same!

Favorite Moments:

Feeding the geese and ducks at the park with our friends.

Feeding geese

Keenan playing in his kitchen and hanging up all of our pot holders on his hooks!

IMG_0264 3.15.13

Having a dance party with Keenan before bath time last night!


Favorite Eats:

*NEW Recipe: Paleo Apple Cinnamon No Oat Oatmeal

Apple Cinnamon No Oat Oatmeal

Slow-Cooker Sweet and Spicy Pork ChopsRibs with balsamic roasted brussel sprouts, red onion, and cherry tomatoes

Slow-Cooker Sweet and Spicy Pork Chops with Roasted Brussel Sprouts

*NEW Recipe: Massaged Kale Greek Salad

Massaged Kale Greek Salad


Oh, if you are looking for a fun, but challenging workout to do this weekend, try the CrossFit Home or Travel WOD #6 that I posted yesterday!

Now, it is YOUR turn: Link up your favorite moments and eats from this week, or share some of them below in the comments!