Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I can’t believe Mirella is already 5 weeks old today; crazy how fast she is growing!

5 week old baby

Since both kiddos are napping peacefully, I thought I would pop in really quick and share some highlights from our weekend. Since the weather has been gorgeous, we decided to take our first family of four outing to Daffodil Hill and have a picnic.

Daffodil hill

It was so nice to get out of the house (since I’ve been mainly housebound since Mirella was born), enjoy the weather and spend quality family time. I have to say it definitely takes longer to get out the door with another child in the mix, especially a newborn who decides she is hungry (again) and needs a diaper change right when we are ready to leave! Poor Keenan, he had put on his clothes (all by himself!), packed his little backpack with some toys and kept asking, “Are we ready to go yet?” I had to remind him that it takes a while to get out the door with a baby. He was really good about it and remained patient, but I felt so bad because he was so excited to go! We eventually got out the door with our picnic packed and enjoyed a lovely drive through the foothills before arriving to see the beautiful daffodils! It was so hard not to pick them!

Family of four

Before leaving the hill, we had to take some silly pictures!

Daffodil Hill

On our way home, we stopped in Sutter Creek for Keenan’s favorite treat, an ice cream cone at this wonderful old fashion ice cream parlor. Keenan was in a hog heaven and unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture!

Since it’s Monday and I haven’t joined Katie’s MIMM link up in a while, I’m linking up with her today. Thanks, Katie, for always hosting!

MiMM MIMM #89 Non Stop Namaste + Best Husband Ever!

Well, that’s a wrap for now. I hear both kids starting to wake up!


What was marvelous about your weekend?

If you have multiple kids, how long does it take you to get everyone ready and out the door?