I hope you all had a great Monday. I meant to post this earlier, but for some reason it has been an “off” day. Mirella woke up a few times last night so my mind has been in a tired fog all day long, and she didn’t nap very well, so needless to say, today hasn’t been very productive (at least I was able to get my wod done early this morning!).

Anyhow, since it’s Monday, I thought I would join Katie for Marvelous In My Monday to share some highlights from Keenan’s birthday party this past Saturday!

MiMM MIMM  #112 Glow Retreat High , A Video of Happiness + More

Marvelous is…

His rocketship party and having fun making his rocketship carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, little rocketships for the flowers (that I used as centerpieces) and rocketship gingerbread cookies for party favors.

birthday collage

Seeing Keenan have so much fun!

birthday collage

Celebrating his first birthday with his sister!

IMG_8405 blog

Our little family who I love very much.

IMG_8492 blog

Have a great day and thank you, Katie, for hosting another MIMM!


What was marvelous about your weekend?

Do you tend to make or buy things for your kids’ birthday parties?