Since we are down to the last few days before we move, the pressure (and stress) is on! I’ve been doing my best to arm myself with good sleep, but with so many things to do, it seems my nights are far from being restful. Ugh…I keep telling myself only a few more days and then it will all be over (except for the wonderful task of unpacking!). At least unpacking is a WHOLE lot better than packing! The hard part is having everything you own packed in boxes and remembering where it all is…

Packing to move

Our kitchen and dining room full of boxes ready to move.

Instead of doing a normal Thursday Tidbits post today, I am going to share a fabulous moving tip that I learned from Leah at Mommy in the Mountains, since my brain can’t think of anything else but packing and moving at the moment! For those of you looking for something health and fitness related like my usual Thursday posts, check out last week’s post here. After the move, I’ll be back to posting regular health, fitness or wellness related tidbits on Thursdays.

Moving onto Leah’s awesome tip that I didn’t even think about…packing an “essentials box” that contains everything you will need right away. This may seem like a no-brainer for you, but it never even crossed my mind to put one together! We have only moved once before (which was just my husband and me) moving from a small condo to our current house, so we didn’t have that much stuff. Now, with Keenan in tow,  it makes moving SO much more challenging and time consuming!

Packing an “essentials box” should include things that you will not only need right away, but also things that will make your life easier for the first few days. Here is what I’m including in my box:

  • Toliet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Hand soap for all bathrooms and kitchen
  • Personal hygiene essentials: toothbrushes, face wash, bath soap, lotion, etc
  • Cleaning spray or disinfectant wipes for easy cleaning
  • Paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery
  • Laundry detergent
  • Garbage bags
  • A few small toys/books for Keenan
  • Clean sheets
  • Couple of bath and hand towels
  • Cell phone chargers
  • List of utilities we need to contact to start services

    Essentials moving box

    Almost ready to go, except for our personal hygiene items, phone chargers and laundry detergent!

I love Leah’s idea of making a box with everything that we will need right away, because otherwise I would be in a frenzy trying to find all of our things that first night. I’m hoping this box will make our move so much easier and less stressful (at least I can hope!).

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Leah’s blog. She has some great ideas for DIY projects, parties and tips! I love visiting her site for inspiration!


How many times have you moved in your life?

Do you have a particular organizing system that you use when packing for a move?

Do you have any moving tips (especially with little ones) that you would like to share? 

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