I had planned to write this post last Friday but time got away from me. Being that I just finished my workout (and my little angel is still sleeping peacefully), I want to share how my first week back doing CrossFit (and working out in general) went after having Mirella.

Well, to be honest, last week was tough in both working out again and making/finding time to workout in between feedings. Even though I did CrossFit throughout my entire pregnancy, I felt like I was literally starting all over again. My “usual” weights felt VERY heavy and I had to take breaks often, but it felt good to workout and do a wod again! I didn’t realize how much I missed CrossFit until I worked out for the first time in six weeks last Monday. I know I have A LOT of work to do in order to get myself back to where I was before I got pregnant with Mirella (body and fitness level), but I’m excited and ready for the challenge. I wish I could bounce back overnight, but I’ve accepted the fact that it’s going to take time and I need to be patient. After all, it took nine months to gain the weight, so it’s going to take a while to lose the weight. I definitely lost strength and certainly some of my endurance, but it feels good to be active again (taking daily walks the past six weeks just didn’t cut it!)!

I managed to workout four days last week (not consecutively like I would have liked, but at least I got them in!). Fitting in a workout while juggling two kids now is quite the challenge! ย With Keenan, I could just workout before he got up in the morning or while he napped in the afternoon, but with Mirella in the mix, things are so unpredictable, so I have to squeeze it in when I can. I’m hoping that once she gives us more sleep at night, I will feel rested enough to get my workout done before she and Keenan wake up in the morning (fingers crossed it will happen soon!).

Here are the wods (workout of the day) that I did last week:


3 rounds:

row 500 m

25 push ups

25 abmat sit ups

25 squats


5 rounds:

15 walking lunges with a 25 lb. plate overhead

15 kettlebell swings (35 lbs)


15 min. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

30 double unders

20 ring dips

10 med ball cleans (14 lb)


3 rounds:

20 box jumps

20 kettlebell snatch (25 lb)

20 plank slaps

With every workout, I warmed up with a mini-wod for 7-10 minutes, stretched and started out with a skill (which I used for reviewing/breaking down some of the olympic lifts: cleans, snatch and presses that I’ll continue to work on in the next few weeks).

All in all, last week went really well. It only whet my appetite for more CrossFit and staying as active as possible to get back into my pre-pregnancy shape!

Mirella is waking up, so I gotta run. Look for more to come!


If you have been pregnant before, how was your first week back working out?

Have you ever taken a long hiatus from working out? If so, how was your first week back?