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WOD: 5/25/17

Almost to the weekend! For the skill, think of it as a sprint and go as quickly as you can, keeping your burpee broad jumps at a fast, but steady pace. Warm-up: skip 200m 20 squats...


WOD: 5/17/17

Happy Hump Day! There are lots of burpees in this one, but they are such a good total body exercise! Enjoy! Warm-up: 2rds: 10 jump squats 10 push ups 10 slap planks 10 RDLs  (russian...


WOD: 5/15/17

Happy Monday! I hope all of you moms had a marvelous Mother’s Day! I had a really nice day with my family, thanks to my lovely hubby! Anyhow, here is a great workout to...


WOD: 4/12/17

Happy Hump Day! How did Monday’s WOD go? Grab a partner for our mid-week WOD (if you don’t have a buddy to do this with, you can just half everything and do it on your own)!...


WOD: 4/10/17

Happy Monday! Below is today’s WOD (workout of the day for those not familiar with CrossFit). It’s a good one to start the week! Warm-up: walking lunges 100m run 200m 20 abmat sit ups...