Thank you for all of the comment-love, yesterday, for my SITS Day! It was fun to connect with so many new bloggers!

We are almost to the weekend and to the start of our family vacation at the beach!! These last couple of weeks have been super-busy, so I’m looking forward to a little rest and relaxation. In addition, I’m excited to see my brother, sister-in-law, niece and meet my brand new niece! It’s cute: Keenan keeps talking about all of the things he is going to do at the beach with his cousins, including holding his baby cousin’s hand and helping to feed her! He is definitely ready for a sibling!

I had to share this picture, because he insisted on having lunch with "Baba" today!

I had to share this picture, because Keenan insisted on having lunch with “Baba” today. It was too cute!

Anyhow, since today is Thursday, it is time for another edition of “Thursday Tidbits.” If you are new here, Thursday Tidbits is a weekly post featuring tidbits about anything health, fitness or wellness related. For today, I’m excited to talk a little bit about wellness coaching because I’m happy to announce the start of my Online and On-location Wellness Coaching and Personal Training Services!

You might be asking yourself, “What is wellness coaching?” Wellness coaching focus on the areas of nutrition, fitness, weight loss and stress providing clients with advice, expert guidance and education. Wellness coaches work with clients to make small gradual changes to help them improve their overall health and well-being, i.e. weight loss, become more fit, eat better, etc. Coaching focuses on garnishing the answers within, helping clients realize that they have the ability to make changes, and they just need the assistance along the way.

Before I had Keenan, I worked as a Health Educator in a clinical setting for several years before entering the corporate world and managing an employee wellness program for a large health care organization in Northern California. One of the things I missed most when I started overseeing the wellness program was not working one-on-one with clients. I loved working with others, helping them reach their goals, whether it was lowering their cholesterol levels, managing their blood sugar levels, or losing weight. The best reward was seeing my clients’ faces so pleased that they were able to decrease the amount of medication they were taking due to the weight that they lost, or that they felt great because they were exercising regularly.

I love working with others and helping them reach their goals, which is why I decided to go back to what I love, what I’m passionate about: helping others to be their best self, especially moms, since it is so hard to take time for ourselves!

If you are interested in wellness coaching or personal training and would like more information, take a look at my new page or feel free to email me at!


– Have you tried wellness or health coaching to help you reach your goals?

– What are some of your health and fitness goals that you hope to achieve?

– What topics would you like to see on other “Thursday Tidbit” posts?