Good things must always come to an end, and today we are back to the grind of preschool and so-called real life. I must admit it feels good to get back to my usual routine of waking up early to workout, getting the kids up and ready, taking Keenan to preschool, training clients while Mirella is napping, blogging in the afternoons, catching up on housework, cooking dinner and playing with my kids. However, it was also very nice to not have a set schedule the past two weeks, workout in the mid mornings, take fun day trips, eat lots (too many!) of holiday treats and spend quality time as a family. But, it feels good to be back in the swing of things, recharged and ready to take 2015 head on!

brother and sister

Before putting my goals together for 2015, it was fun to look back and see what I posted a year ago. A lot has changed since last year and I’m proud to say I accomplished almost all of my goals!

I’m pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy shape (only 2 pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight), but I feel good and my fitness level is where it was prior to getting pregnant. I’m well adjusted to a new routine with two kids. I launched my wellness coaching and personal training/CrossFit coaching business this past September that is going well! Lastly, the final two goals are something I’m constantly working on. Achieving a better balance of family, blogging and working on my business is always a challenge. There are definitely some days that are better than others. Also, living more in the present is something I tell myself everyday. Being a type A personality, it is so hard to not want to get everything done on my to-do list, but at the end of the day, it’s spending time with my family that matters the most. Keenan and Mirella are only little once and I want to cherish this precious time forever.


So, here are my goals for 2015:

1. Live more in the present, cherish each moment and be grateful everyday for all that I have.

2. Concentrate less on my to-do list and make sure to play a little bit  (and be silly) everyday with my children.

3. Grow my wellness coaching and personal training/CrossFit coaching business to include online clients.

4. Update and re-brand my blog.

5. Maintain my fitness level, forget about the scale and concentrate more on how I feel.

6. Enter a CrossFit competition or run a half marathon.


What are some of your goals for 2015?

How did you do on your goals from last year?